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Prep Your Roof: North Florida Storm Season

North Florida, undoubtedly, has many storms. Due to Florida’s large coastlines and warm temperatures, Florida is hit most often by hurricanes and storms! With this comes destruction and sometimes the need for costly home repairs. As we head into hurricane storm season, there are ways that you can prep your roof for the coming season saving you time, money, and a headache later down the road. Roofs are the lifeline of the home, protecting you, your family, and your pricey belongings. It is worth investing in the necessary updates and repairs to keep those things safe, and to ensure that it can withstand extreme weather.

Shingle Roofs

It is extremely important to know when your roof was initially installed. If you have a asphalt shingle roof, it has an expiration date of 20-25 years from installation till the roof should be replaced. If the roof was installed over existing layers of shingles, it should be replaced after 20 years. 

We recommend a yearly evaluation by a roofing professional to ensure there are no lifting shingles, which can sneakily cause leaks, prior to the yearly hurricane season. Add it to your “spring cleaning” checklist! While you may see this as an additional cost, it can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. 

If replacing, look into shingles with a stronger wind rating than those of the past. It is also proven that lighter colored shingles do not get as hot as the dark alternative, offering a longer life holding their strength longer. 

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are significantly stronger than that of other roofing systems. During high winds, they offer more security of knowing that they should not lift from the hour and bare physical debris damage. The chances of leaks are also much smaller. Metal roofs have a lifespan of 40-70 years!

It is still very important to have a roofing professional evaluate your roof, if metal, before storm season. Metal roofing is secured via clips, and even if one clip is loose, a storm could cause major damage. 

If replacing, choosing a higher gauge metal for your home’s roof can lead to a more resistant home when storms strike, leading to more resistance to impact and wind damage.

Tile and Clay Roofs

Out of the three options, a tile roof is proven to be the best choice when it comes to storm proofing your home. They have been tested in the strongest of weather conditions, including hurricane-force winds, rains, hail, and hot-to-cold conditions. They are also naturally fire-proof, and have a lifespan of 50-100 years!

While tile roofing is a secure way to help assist with storm proofing your home, it goes without saying that these are heavier and more intense if lifted by hurricane-force winds. It is vital to have your roof regularly checked by a roofing professional to ensure there are no loose tiles, as these can be major projectiles in storms. 

There are many different installation options when it comes to tile roofing to secure the tiles to the roof. For homes that are close to the ocean, it is recommended that straps, fasteners, and clips be fabricated from stainless steel to ensure durability from the corrosive effects of salt spray. Storm damage investigations show that for performance problems with tile roofs, the damages were mostly caused due to poor installation. It is important to vet the roofer you decide to utilize, and read previous customer testimonials to ensure that you are getting the best! 

In Conclusion

If you are not comfortable climbing a ladder to check the conditions of your home’s roof, we do not recommend it. We recommend utilizing binoculars to keep you safe from a fall! If you do decide to climb the ladder, here are some ladder safety tips. If unable to look over your roof independently, get a reputable, highly-rated roofer or home inspector to evaluate your roof for you.

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