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The Future Home Loans mortgage brokerage was founded on the beliefs of providing our clients with spectacular service, dedication to a translucent transaction, and unparalleled team work. Through collaboration with other locals with those founding beliefs, the Future team continues to grow and take flight across Florida, bringing in many different individuals and walks of life. One steady thing our team has in common is providing top-notch service, and giving back to our Veteran community through undeniable rates and service via VA home mortgages.

Many of our Future Home Loans team members have served in the United States Military themselves; a selfless sacrifice that has translated into continued personal growth within a team of individuals that have their own independent ties to the military community as well. Take a look below at our team members’ stories of their service, alongside other members of the Future Home Loans team who have highlighted their family members who have served and sacrificed as well. Thank you for your service!


Robert Lynn

Military Service was something that was always present in my family. My Dad was in the Army and I moved about twice a year until I got into High School. The life of an Army Brat has it’s challenges, but comes with it’s own set of rewards as well, meeting so many people from an early age taught me how to make friends and adapt to new situations. My grandparents were a constant and both of my Grandfathers fought in World War 2. Hunting and Fishing were my favorite pastimes with both of them but I always had an ear out for an old war story. After graduation I left home to Play College Football in the midwest but after a while I realized I wasn’t going to play on Sundays and my plans changed and I joined the Army. It was always something I knew I was going to do, so when the time came I jumped in with both feet. My Army time took my people skills to a whole other level as I met folks from all backgrounds and I loved it. I started as a Russin Linguist in Intelligence and then was selected for training in Special Operations and went all over the world training for most of my time in service. That’s the awesome thing about the service, you lose all your prejudices in a fox hole. You realize what really matters is that the person next you has your back, not what they look like or where they came from. I loved every minute I spent in the military and had so many unbelievable experiences and met so many awesome people, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world!


Elizabeth Cassidy

I joined the Air Force shortly after high school (2009) after realizing that the traditional “college after high school” path was not for me. I served with the 99th FSS Squadron at Nellis AFB, NV. Here, I met my husband who was also active duty. Being in the air force taught me that sometimes your needs come last, and that’s ok! Day in and day out you are humbled to serve those around you to the point that it becomes a mindset. “Service before self” is one of the Air Force’s core values and it is one that has stuck with me. It’s an honor to get to put the needs of my clients ahead of mine the same way I put the needs of my fellow airman ahead of mine while serving. After serving in the Air Force, I stepped away to raise our two beautiful children as my husband continued on his military career. We have since lived in Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, and finally planted our forever feet here in Florida. As I continued to adapt my life to the military lifestyle over this last decade, I found joy in helping others who I walk alongside in the military life.


Joe Verseput

Where were you on 9/11? Joe Verseput was at an undisclosed depth at an undisclosed location…….Forged in the depths of Davy Jones locker, Joe brings his quick thinking skills and thirst for knowledge learned as a Nuclear Engineroom Supervisor to the Loan Industry to serve the North Florida Community with a genuine approach to helping the customer. After spending 6 years as a Naval Nuclear Submariner, Joe worked in Power Plants, Cryogenics, and Anesthetics before landing in the Mortgage Industry in 2010, moving away from the technical world and finding a career that would allow him to help others on a personal level. As a Veteran himself, Joe finds joy in shepherding other Vets through the mortgage process as they take advantage of their VA benefits. Having Merrill Lynch as a major client for years taught Joe how to slice up complicated tax returns like a Mortgage Surgeon and quickly find avenues for his customers’ financing needs. But Joe does not limit his action to the lending industry; he is constantly involved in local charities and Veterans groups, as well as serving on the Board for The Beaches Hospitality Network to support local business in his community. Knowledge, Drive, & Care for Others, while throwing a few bits of Fun in there are the pillars of Joe’s Personal Brand. He never loses sight that this is the most important purchase that most people will make in their lifetime.


JASON Braswell

Jason served in the Navy from 2000 to 2007, with a notable tenure on the USS John F. Kennedy from 2003 to 2006. During that time, he was actively involved in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. Drawing from the discipline, dedication, and personal growth he acquired during his military service, Jason now channels that same energy into delivering exceptional client care in his mortgage profession. His experiences from the past continue to guide and inspire his present journey in the mortgage industry.

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