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First time home buyer tells all: Pt I

The newest member of the FHL team gives a personal account of first time home buying with Future Home Loans.

Hi world, my name is Logan. At the time of writing this it is my second week working for the Future Home Loans creative team and I’ve been wracking my brain to come up with the perfect idea for my first blog post, until I realized I’ve been living inside the best piece of advice all along: My home. You see, while I may be new to Future Home Loans, Future Home Loans is not new to me.

Only three months ago my wife and I were in a scenario we see everyday here: A young couple, late 20’s / early 30’s, tired of renting a one bedroom apartment, and just curious about leveling up their living situation. For most millennials buying a home seems like an unattainable fairytale — something our parents tell us to save for but, can we actually make it happen? We were about to find out. 

Luckily, I happen to know arguably one of the best realtors this side of the Mississippi. I’m talking about top producing, IG famous, HGTV good. We scheduled a meeting “just to chat”. I walked into the meeting as a wide-eyed renter clutching a pre-approval letter from one of those big-box quick mortgage websites, and no plans to follow through on a purchase. An hour later I walked out with a detailed time-line, a plan, and a (highly coveted) recommendation: Ditch the big-box letter and contact Future Home Loans. 

Being a first time home buyer is exciting and terrifying and confusing at any time, but entering the most competitive home buying market my realtor had ever seen in her career was next level scary. Homes were marked unavailable within hours of posting and often ended in multiple offer bidding wars. 

Fast Forward: It was 8:00am on a Sunday when we suddenly snagged the first showing of the day on a brand new listing. At 8:15am that same Sunday we toured the home and said “We can’t lose it. Let’s do this”. 

There is no scenario in the world where a loan officer from a big-box company would answer a flurry of calls on a Sunday morning from me and my realtor while he’s sick and on vacation (I’m not kidding), step away from his family, and get me pre-approved at warp speed, but that’s exactly what my broker did for me. It was thanks to the guidance of a seasoned realty team and a fast and dedicated mortgage broker from Future Home Loans that we pounced on the perfect place and secured the starter home of our dreams. 

Let me repeat myself: In this current market, we could have 100% lost out on the home of our dreams without a local broker from Future Home Loans. We hit him like a wrecking ball on a Sunday morning, an entire month earlier than we originally discussed, and the man did not blink an eye. 

If I’ve caught your attention with my Future Home Loans experience, join me for our next blog where I’ll discuss the process after putting in an offer, what it’s like to work with Future Home Loans, and how we secured the lowest rate possible by working with a local team.

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