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Top 4 Ways Video Conferencing Can Transform Your Business

For many of us, video conferencing has been a normal way of life for the last few months. It goes without saying that it has been a vital part of how we connect with our family, coworkers, and clients without having the ability to meet face-to-face. The ways we do business are ever changing and it is vital to the life of our businesses that we evolve with the changing times. With that being said, we all must take a wider and holistic approach to how we use and understand online tools and our own innovative capabilities to stay connected, productive, and hopefully recover our businesses. 

The infrastructure for virtual telecommunications is already there. For the most part, we all have smart phones with the ability to host video conferencing and the majority of us all have laptops with high-quality web cameras as well! Reaching out to others has never been easier. Majority of all in-person meetings can absolutely be hosted via a video conference; the logistics of meeting face-to-face can frequently take much longer than jumping on a video conference to discuss closings, business matters, or even hosting a video walk-through. Here are 4 ways you can use video conferencing to move your business (and your life) forward!

Reducing Travel Expenses for You and Your Clients

Imagine the ease of communicating with an out-of-town or out-of-state buyer by simply hosting a video conference with them. Some ideas of utilizing a video meeting would be a video-walk through, video buyer or seller consultation, or video meeting to discuss important closing details. The difference between video conferencing and a phone call is the human factor. They can see your facial expressions, and can help ease any nerves that solely would exist given a phone call.

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Instead of endless email chains, video conferencing allows you to interact in real-time, almost as if they were with you in-person. Rather than staring at a phone in the middle of a meeting or reading long messages, video conferencing provides knowledge workers with the ability to easily share dynamic presentations and see reactions of the participants. Naturally, this genuine interaction results in faster decision making, which can allow for a more swift transaction.

Improved Internal Communication

In the same way that coworkers are better able to collaborate with one another to foster greater productivity in person, video conferencing can also be viewed as a way to improve internal business communications. The technology offers a way to strengthen relationships beyond the use of telephone calls and e-mail messages. 

Enhanced Business Opportunities

Imagine the opportunities you can open your business up to if you brand yourself as a digital expert! Put your clients at ease by letting them know that you are educated on how to transform their home purchasing experience into a more digital light whether that be digital consultations, or video walk-throughs. Not to mention, with reduced travel and greater efficiency, more time is left for you to foster your working relationships and build new business opportunities. With video conferencing, you have the ability to meet with your out-of-state clients in different time zones throughout the day allowing them the ultimate flexibility of seeing a home, or their final walkthroughs, wherever, whenever, with pre-recorded videos. 

Video conferencing is a technology that has been embraced by nearly every industry, and many individuals now view the technology as an important daily tool. Whether it be used to connect with family or friends, or host an important business meeting, video conferencing benefits extend far beyond the bottom line, contributing to higher productivity, increased morale and greater business opportunities.

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